Lately, I have come to love and appreciate Ankara fabric…it’s vibrant patterns, versatility to be dressed up or down, the ability to design whatever style I choose, and the identity and self expression it gives me. I make it me, and own it! Fashion, after all is what you buy, and style is what you do with it-StyleQuotient.

The Ankara fabric, most notably, the Dutch wax print or Hollandaise is a major symbol of my Nigerian and African identity, culture, and self expression. It is made of 100% cotton, which means easy maintenance, hypoallergenic properties, and breathabilty. The Ankara fabric is now being made into shoes, handbags, clutches, socks, you name it, the possibilities are endless.

As much as we love and use the Ankara, I was surprised to find out Ankara did not originate in Africa…It’s European! Dutch specifically, where It started out as cheap imitations of the Indonesian batik fabric, but somehow found a niche and hold in the West African market, before spreading across several other African countries, and continents.

There has been a surging interest in the Ankara fabric by non Africans, which is awesome! Ankara has been embraced by celebrities, the likes of  FLOTUS Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys, Rhihana, Amber Rose, Gwen Stepanie, Solange, and non other than Beyoncé, Queen Bey herself….the inspiration for my outfit…


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Effortless Elegance…

Don’t you love effortless elegance?

Looking graceful and well put together without appearing to have worked for hours, or tried too hard to achieve any desired look….be content, real, authentic, understated, and confident. Effortless elegance is easy to achieve. Wear more natural looking makeup and outfits that do not detract from you as an individual. Less is always more.  As I often say, your makeup or accessory should not be seen before you, or take center stage. The focus should be you, your posture, poise, how you carry yourself, not necessarily what you wear. As Karl Lagerfeld put it…you can wear a T-shirt and pair of jeans and still be the chicest thing in the world!

As Paul Coelho put it…..the simpler and more sober the posture, the more beautiful it will be. Perfection may not be attained, as we are all imperfect…Take pride in your appearance by how you carry yourself. Your every strut should be intentional, calculated, with poise, and grace….but oh so effortless, exuding an admirably quiet confidence.


However, true elegance should start from within oneself. As Genevieve Antoine Dariaux puts it….. “To be elegant is first of all to know oneself, and to know oneself well requires a certain amount of reflection and intelligence.”  Stay effortlessly elegant….

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A play on Lines

I love clean geometric lines…don’t you?  No worries, you will if you understand the optical illusions associated with geometric lines. When used correctly, you can deceive the eyes using geometric patterns by employing…a play on lines.

Geometric lines create an optical illusion. A few small tweaks in the right areas can create fashion magic and transform the way you look.  For example, vertical lines will create a slimming effect on any part of the body; the closer together the lines are, the greater the illusion.

Horizontal lines, on the other hand can make wider parts of the body appear even wider. So, note to self, if you are endowed with large breasts, it’ll do you well to choose vertical lined tops, unless, of course, you are looking to accentuate your breasts, tastefully…nothing wrong with that! If the horizontal line cuts across the waist, it gives the illusion of being wider and even shorter. Also, if you have wide hips or thighs, a wider neckline will create a focal point on the shoulder area and make you appear taller and slimmer…mhmm, because the eye will focus on the line. Diagonal lines, like vertical lines create a slimming illusion.

So, don’t be bashful, give it a whirl I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised…



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Loving Life…

“Love life, engage in it, give it all you’ve got. Love it with a passion, because life truly does give back, many times over, what you put into it”. Maya Angelou

“I have found that if you love life, life will love you back”. Arthur Rubinstein

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